IREM Executive Committee Job Descriptions


  • Shall preside over all Chapter Meetings.   

  • Provide guidance to all Board Members.

  • Facilitate strategic planning session for upcoming year.

  • Attend the Midwest Regional Leadership Conference.

  • Attend the IREM Education Conference and attend Governing Council.

  • Coordinate ARM and CPM® scholarship program.

  • Review IREM Headquarters correspondence and act on or distribute accordingly.

  • Assist in selecting slate of officers for incoming year. 

  • Complete Star Awards Form. 

President Elect

  • Assist president with chapter activities.

  • Assist president with programs in the event president is unavailable.

  • To ensure core functions of the chapter are carried out.   

  • Preside at all chapter and Executive Committee meetings.

  • Attend Midwest Leadership Conference.

  • Attend IREM Education Conference and attend Governing Council.

  • Assist President on an as-needed basis.

  • Assist in preparation of Goals & Budget to be submitted to IREM Headquarters.

Membership/Education Chair 

  • Oversees the development of the annual course schedule for the chapter; collaborates as needed with Education Services team at IREM® Headquarters to finalize schedule.

  • Ensures that the chapter has strategies for recruiting students.

  • Develops strategies to market courses and works with chapter leadership to implement them.

  • Acts as backup course administrator when necessary and assists with course logistics.

  • Reviews all education-related communications from IREM® Headquarters.

Membership Expectations:

  • Suggest strategies to enhance membership growth.

  • Evaluate research to determine sources and forms of membership. Identify impediments to membership and solutions for overcoming those impediments.

  • Establish the criteria and standards for certification by, membership in, or affiliation with the Institute (including but not limited to the CPM designation, ARM certification, AMO accreditation, Associate Member and ACoM).

  • Provide strategic direction on identifying the benefits and services related to each class of membership, certification, and affiliation.

Key Resources:

Legislative Chair


  • Have interest in, and knowledge of, the basics of how the legislative process works – especially at the state level.

  • Serve as the liaison between IREM® Headquarters and the local chapter; provide communication to chapter members on pertinent local (and sometimes federal) legislation and policy.

  • Develop chapter legislative agendas – collects information on issues pertinent to that region.

  • Encourage chapter member participation in legislative activities.

  • Responsible for leading discussions of issues and actions during the legislative committee meetings.

  • Develop and maintains relationships with other industry groups (to assist in lobbying efforts).

  • Develop and maintains relationships with elected officials and other local political individuals.

  • Monitor pertinent state-wide legislative issues and reports back to chapter when necessary.

  • Responsible for issuing legislative or regulatory "Calls-for-Action" and coordinate Chapter legislative needs within the chapter and requests for involvement from Institute Headquarters.

  • Go through brief training to be familiarized with website and resources.

Key Resources:

IREM® Public Policy Website

Government Affairs Training Manual

State Legislative Database Chapter Legislative Resources

U.S. Homeland Security Updates

Programs/Professional Development

  • Assist in completion of new chapter website.

  • Coordinate informative monthly luncheon speakers. 

  • Introduce monthly luncheon speakers.

  • Coordinate annual forecast luncheon. 

  • Assist in Candidate mentoring program. 

  • Assist with IREM after-hours functions.

  • Assist with annual IREM golf tournament.

  • Assist with selection of monthly luncheon location. 

  • Coordinate the annual holiday luncheon meeting.


  • Review of monthly financial information. 

  • Assist with completion of annual tax return. 

  • Assist with performance of annual audit. 

  • Track IREM money market investments. 

  • Assist President and President-Elect on an as-needed basis.

  • Prepare Budget to be submitted to IREM Headquarters.

ARM Chair     

  • Coordinate informative and interesting ARM functions.

  • Review ARM needs of the Chapter

  • Attend Executive Committee meetings and act as liason with ARMs of the Chapter.

  • Assist Education Chair in determining ARM educational needs.